Thursday, June 23, 2005

Clean-up in Aisle 3 Mr. Frankenstein

It's hard to believe that I have actually learned enough to create the GUI for my project database application using wxPython. So I now have a library of functions I created while I was in the process of learning Python that are the real guts of it, and just this week I was able to create a pretty face for it.'s alive! Well almost. It really shouldn't be too hard to hook the two things together. What I find tough is finding enough time to do it at all. Up to this point this project has really been done during some weekday evenings before bed and sometimes during my lunch at work.

One neat thing about Python is how important a role source code documentation plays. Someone on the mailing list pointed me to an open source program that generates documentation for *my* library of functions based on my documentation in the source files and the source files themselves. This is a really useful thing to me, because working so infrequently at a project sometimes leaves me forgetting what I had done the week before or month before. This way I have good quality documentation of the function libraries I've generated. Wonderful. I may actually be able to do something useful with this language yet!