Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dragging Podcasting into the Mainstream (kicking and screaming?)

I've just finished listening to a podcast of Adam Curry and Ron Bloom describing their plans for growing the medium and bringing it in from the fringe. A lot of neat ideas and concepts. I'm just a little worried that it will lose its single biggest advantage over mainstream radio (in my mind anyway) and that is it's personal nature. Likely this specific strategy or someone else's will indeed bring it out into the mainstream. But at what cost. Will the concept of personal blogging by voice disappear in the long run? Will the market support both mass appeal and the quirky nature that sets the current podcasts so far apart from mainstream radio? Does the inevitability of profit seekers effectively cause podcasting to Jump The Shark? Check it out for yourself. It's definitely an interesting listen.

Perhaps even more interesting will be Dave Winer's thoughts on the podcast.

(Postscript: ...and here they are.