Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wikipedia and Humility - like oil and water...

Todd Cochrane is pissed off because he's trying to document his part in the popularization of podcasting in Wikipedia and he's getting repeatedly edited out. While I understand the frustration he's feeling, I think you can't have the power of something like Wikipedia without having some of these problems. I still think its a great source of information and a wonderful example of how the web can connect people and be a useful tool for society. Todd, do you really think that when Brittanica documents podcasting, everybody who should be included will be included? I think not. The problem there is that if you are not included in their encyclopedia, you won't have the chance to ever change that.

But don't eschew the whole project as if it were bunk. Maybe knowing you were a part of something and having been a part of something is enough. There are many other ways to get the message out that you were part of it. Wikipedia is not the be all end all authority on everything. Complaining about it does not help your reputation. The people who listen to you and read your posts know what's going on. Is that not good enough? See also, my post of December 20th for more thoughts on this subject.