Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Finally - This Blog is Moving...

Well the time has finally arrived to shove this thing out the door. I'm done fiddling with my new site and blog for the time being.

You can now check out my shiny new site at http://rfquerin.org.

This weblog is now going to move to: http://blog.rfquerin.org

So other than a few sporadic reminder-to-update posts that may appear here, all my posting will now be done over there. If you subscribe via RSS, then skidaddle over to the new blog and update your feed reader.

So check out the new site and blog and let me know what you think. There may be stuff broken or not well implemented. Your constructive criticism (or blind praise) is always appreciated. It's a work in progress of course and I intend to use the static site as a sort of sandbox for trying new things.

I was going to come up with a completely original Wordpress theme for the blog, but the whole thing was becoming just a time sinkhole. So I figured I'd pick a theme I like, slightly tweak it and play around later on. I just wanted to finally kick this thing out on the street. I'm not 100% happy with it, so expect it to change (I haven't even looked at Wordpress plugins yet). But it will do fine for the time being.

I hope you like it and a special thanks to heathenx for helping me sort out quite a few things along the way.


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