Monday, January 07, 2008

The New Look Screencasters

Through absolutely no effort of my own, the screencasters site is now rolling all blog-style. Major kudos to heathenx for man-handling wordpress into service for both the main episode site and our screencasters blog. Check out his launch post about it. And also check out the new sites and report back any problems or suggestions. We've also got a nifty new contact page on the site (again through no effort of my own) so you can leave your valuable input over there. Make sure you update your feeds.

Trying to put some last minute scotch tape and binder twine on my site and blog lately, I'm wondering if I should hire on this heathenx guy to help me out. He almost seems to know what he's doing! :)

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heathenx said...

Look, I would be glad to help you but you'll at least owe me one jelly filled donut as payment. That's my going rate.

We may have to use the Swayze Train from Trailer Park Boys to get it across the border.

nikoPSK said...

Very nice! Enjoy all your stuff!