Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Podcasting, Respect and BoingBoing

Well, the saga continues yet again. Adam Curry responded to Dave's earlier rant and name calling rather firmly but thoughtfully in his DailySourceCode podcast. Boingboing published an update as I suspected that the interview was edited and that Adam did spread the respect around to others, not just himself. Now, maybe you would be expecting a subdued retraction?...Haha.. instead Dave wrote of the BoingBoing update:

Anyway, Adam does take credit for work he didn't do. You might want to check on that Xeni, it might be more interesting than the cookie-cutter bullshit puff piece you just wrote.
OK Dave, I like most of your podcasts and many of your ideas, but cut the suspense and just provide the information on when Adam has taken credit for work he didn't do and get it over with. Who are you trying to protect? You've already called him a liar, what have you got to lose. Produce the info or watch your image and respect suffer. If you don't have the info then stop bullshitting, be the bigger man and apologize.