Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Podcasting Saga Continues...

A couple of big moments in podcasting recently... Adam Curry's Sirius Satellite radio broadcast about podcasting aired yesterday for the first time, Dave Winer is providing a podcast for broadcast on KYOU radio, Adam does an interview for Wired magazine and Dave is pissed.

Lots to follow here. It seems that the mudslinging is well underway although Adam hasn't responded yet, and may never respond (this type of mudslinging will do nothing to help Adam's image - Dave may be building it for him anyway by doing this IMHO). Some interesting thoughts here. I like Dave's podcasts, more so than the Daily Source Code many times. I think this is because they are very personal. And Dave is very passionate about his views (whether you agree with him or not). He seems very intelligent and perhaps more importantly, idealistic. There is nothing wrong with that. Without the idealists you have the mundane. Keep churning out the passion Dave, people are listening.

Of course, with that passion and emotion come regrettable statements. But that's exactly what Dave's about. That is passion. You don't tone it down and edit it for mass consumption, you write what you feel. You podcast what you feel. That's his point. If he spouted off about wanting the 'naturalness' to come through in podcasting and blogging and then polished his product, I'd be disappointed and he'd lose all credibility with me. Maybe he'll think it over and realize later that he shouldn't have said what he said, maybe not. But I don't want to read about sober second thoughts all the time. Sometimes it's much more interesting and honest to get the first cut.

And what is so wrong with being pissed about not getting credit. It happens all the time in a normal business environment, you just don't read about it on a blog. Of course, you don't know if the Wired piece was a full transcript or edited all to hell. As Dave has noted many times, the press rarely ever gets it right. Maybe Adam got it right and Wired got it wrong.