Friday, May 20, 2005

Python Newbie Task 1 - checked off

Well, I am impressed with Python (and wxPython). I managed to create the timesheet processor program complete with GUI (albeit a dead simple one) in about 1/8th the time it took me to get to the same point with C++. Implementing wxPython for the GUI was much more simple than using the same library in C++ (wxWindows). For the simple type of applications that I write this solution seems miles better than anything else I've tried.

One benefit of having such a relatively easy language with a shallow learning curve like this is that it encourages me to try new things with it. I feel like I could attempt projects that I would probably dread doing in C++. We will see how it pans out with the project storage app that I've been humming and hawing over for the past year. It actually might get done! But let's not jump the gun here... let's just say it might actually get started...done is usually an entirely different matter with me ;)