Thursday, July 21, 2005

A-List Linking - The RSS Blog

Randy Charles Morin writes about A-list linking. Reading the comments there, it seems as if 'writing interesting stuff' is the key. Although I hasten to add that patience is another one. In my case I write because I enjoy it. Sure it's doubly wonderful if more people read it, but I am satisfied if even one person does. It's the writing that's satisifying to me not so much who's reading. That may change, but my current career doesn't entail a lot of creativity (with respect to writing anyway) so this is an outlet for me. For others of course that may not be true. If you're trying to make money with your blog (or maybe because of it..right Doc?) incoming links are crucial, and the seemingly incestuous A-list linking behaviour might be a right piss-off.

In any case, Randy writes that he'll return the favour if he's linked to, well for someone like me down here at the first step of the ladder, why would I pass it up.