Sunday, July 17, 2005

Structured Procrastination

Just came across an article while procrastinating this morning: Structured Procrastination. The 10 year old article is by Stanford Professor John Perry. What wonderful karma. It's about how most procrastinators actually do things to avoid doing other things and how to make that work for you. It's not that I sit here and do nothing instead of what needs to be done. I do other, seemingly more appealing things. Perry's article talks about how to choose those 'other' things that will make me more effective...(like reading an article about how to do it - Okay...I am now officially dizzy..). Anyways, it's a simple idea, but one I might actually be able to put to good use. Blogging about it of course is my way of justifying to myself the 10 minutes of typing spent on it instead of actually getting on with something. I am coming to the conclusion that putting more stuff on my plate is an effective way of avoiding the things that are already on my plate. What a vicious circle.