Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Or Whatever My Name Is....

Imagine by surprise when listening to the latest Gillmor Gang, that I'd hear my name mentioned (and by Steve Gillmor himself no less!):
"...Richard Querin or whatever his name is..." - Steve Gillmor

Of course Steve was describing in passing, (just like my name was mentioned...in passing) the non-linking controversy.

It's truly amazing that a well-timed post by a 'nobody' (me) somehow finds its way all the way up to a 'somebody' (Mr. Gillmor) and even carries enough weight to seemingly piss him off. Although, I could be wrong about that last thing. He seems to relish in being perennially pissed off.

Amazing how that happens. Of course you know the primary method by which that little post found it's way up there: linking.

They didn't really talk about it enough for me to get a good reading on it, but it sounds like he's lumping me (and others) into some sort of aggressive school of piranhas hell bent on attacking Seth Goldstein and himself.

I hate to disappoint, but I simply don't have the time to be hell bent on anything. As you can plainly see from my posting patterns on this blog, I have many interests, only one of which is 'Tech'. I estimate that I have about 3 hours (including my commute time) each day that I spend on my personal interests - and only a small portion of that includes blog/podcast related stuff.

He should be glad he's getting that small bit of attention from me, not complaining about it.

Also of note, Doc Searls again scored very low on the bullshit-o-meter (which is inversely proportional to his reading on my respect-o-meter) when he said of Seth's point about strong bloggers no longer linking: "Seth said that? ...well that's just wrong.".