Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spore one for the heart....

Don't tell anyone, but I used to be big into PC gaming. I spent a lot of my gaming time with auto racing sims (I'm a huge F1 fan), and for quite a long spell I even participated in an online league during my Compuserve days (remember that?!). While RPG's, battlefield strategy and first person shooters were not my cup of tea, there was one other game which vacuumed up a whole lot of my spare time back then. That game was SimCity, created by Will Wright. I simply loved it. I even gave a chunk of my life away to it's sequel SimCity 2000 when it came out. But since that time, I've found other more serious pursuits (!?) and haven't really found my way back to PC games since then. However Will Wright's upcoming game Spore may change all that. You can check out a (rather long) demo video here. It looks simply amazing in it's open-endedness. If there is a game that could suck away huge chunks of my productive life, I fear it is this one.

In my heart I want it dearly. But my head tells me noooo.. Let's see who ends up winning. ;)