Saturday, February 17, 2007

Inkscape Screencast 4 - Shiny Black Button

I received a comment from Scott earlier today on a post I did about a month ago that dealt with creating shiny black buttons with Inkscape. I thought about answering in the comments and quickly realized that maybe it should be done in a separate blog post so I could include some screenshots to describe the process he was inquiring about. But as I started to create the post, I realized that it would be much quicker for me to record a short screencast showing how I created one of the buttons. I figured it would be much easier to understand (and much easier to create) than a blog post with screenshots and description.

Five or ten minutes later I had recorded the screencast and was uploading it to YouTube. It was definitely quicker to record the screencast than to prepare screenshots and write up a quick tutorial. I guess that illustrates the power of video.

I've also got another more interesting inkscape screencast in mind, but I'm trying first to figure out how to add a second track to the avi to have some intro-outro music. I think avidemux is what I need to use, but I'm still in the process of figuring out how to do it. Maybe you'll see it posted up here in the next few days if I'm lucky.

Anyway, here's the screencast Scott, hope it helps. :)

[Note 1: I just re-watched it and realized that I incorrectly used the term 'layer' several times during the screencast. I was referring to how objects can be brought above or below other objects, not that anything was placed on a separate Inkscape layer.]

[Note 2: Sharp listeners will undoubtedly hear Jacob, one of our cats, crying out just after the 3 minute mark. So much for noise cancelling headsets! ;) ]

[Note 3: While creating the screencast took all of 5 or 10 minutes, as always it took about 7 or 8 hours for YouTube to process and serve the screencast :( ]


Scott said...

Hey, I just saw this post today. Thanks a lot for taking the time to illustrate this process.

Anonymous said...

Really nice simple tutorial, spent an afternoon getting really frustrated with inkscape, now after seeing the video I have something that look half way decent!

RichardQuerin said...

"now after seeing the video I have something that look half way decent!

That is exactly the type of comment I love to read. Glad to be of some help!