Monday, July 16, 2007

Problem sending large Gmail attachments.. Anybody?

On my windows box here at work, I've always had a problem sending
attachments of any significant size through Gmail. If I try to send an
email with a 150kb file, no problemo. But if I try to send something
that's say, 1.5MB, it just sits there and never sends it.

I'm connected through a LAN which runs through a proxy server
(FreeProxy) here at work, so maybe that's the problem. I don't have
any of these problems on my home machine.

I've tried increasing the dom.max_script_run_time setting in Firefox's
about:config page, but this seems to have done nothing to help me.

Anybody out there have any clues?


Stojance Dimitrovski said...

Yeah, the same happens to me, but it's not the same. I don't have a proxy nor a LAN but sometimes I can not send anything trough GMail.

I heard that GMail has a limit on attachments, probably 10MB on a non-pro account or something.


RichardQuerin said...

The gmail limitation was recently increased to 20MB attachments. However my problem has never been receiving them, only sending them. And even then, only from work.

There is a nice free service I've used a few times at which lets you upload large attachments and gives you a shortlived link you can send to someone so they can download it. It has worked pretty well the few times I've used it.

Ted said...

just found your page on google (hmm...) because i was having the same problem. i'm using ff from home on a windows xp pro machine. i usually just resign to working around it somehow but i'd really love to know how to send a file anywhere near their 20mb limit.

the biggest i've been able to hit is around 10mb, and though i have ignorantly tried to send files bigger than 20mb in the past, i have never seen this supposed "over limit" warning.