Friday, September 21, 2007

Wysiwyg Blogging Tools for Linux... Suggestions?

Upon reading Earl Moore's recent photo posting, I commented to him that I liked the layout of the post and asked him if he did it all manually. While it was not a fully automatic solution, he mentioned that he used Ecto to do the post. And that of course, got me thinking....

I've never thought of using a dedicated blogging tool. Normally I either compose my posts in Gmail and email them in, enter them right in Blogger's online editor, or when I'm feeling all manly, I get bareknuckled and compose them using html in gVim. But my recent experience with Jottit and it's dual paned wysiwyg html editor made me think that a nice wysiwyg blogging tool would be of great use to me.

My fingers danced across the keyboard asking the great Google oracle to show me all the wonderful free and open-source blogging clients for Linux... pfft! Turns out it is very very slim pickin's when it comes to wysiwyg blogging tools for Linux.

There's BloGTK, but it hasn't been updated since 2005 (might give it a try), and Drivel, which seems simple enough but is not wysiwyg. There's also Bleezer - which is cross-platform because it's java-based (I'm not a big java app fan) but supposedly it doesn't support image-uploading to the new Blogger, which is a deal-breaker for me. And there's not much else. Maybe Linux developers feel comfortable enouigh sprinkling html tags here and there that it just isn't a priority.

I dare say that wysiwyg blogging tools for Linux are second only to quality consumer video editing applications for Linux in scarcity. ;)

Mind you, I could get off my duff and put my rudimentary knowledge of python to some good use. Yeah sure.. that's just what I need - some other blind alley to wander off into....

Any Linux users out there had any luck with wysiwyg blogging tools?


heathenx said...


How about a plug-in for OpenOffice that works on Linux, Windows, and Mac? Works with Blogger and WordPress and others. It's Called "Sun Weblog Publisher". It's not free. It cost $10 but I have it and I'll send it to you to try. Since OpenOffice is a wysiwyg editor then this might be exactly what you are looking for.

Jim B. said...

You should try this:

I haven't tried it, but it looks very simple to use. It's in the Ubuntu Gutsy repos as well.

Act1v8 said...


I know about this issue and once I tried to address it, BUT Gtk was so hard to use back then so I stopped using it.

Oh, and if you are looking for a blog application that will post pictures to Blogger, you'll never find it because Blogger's API doesn't support uploading of images.

BTW, your blog is really cool!


RichardQuerin said...

@heathenx and jim b.:

Installed gnome-blog but there doesn't seem to be any way to get an image into the post (no button for it and tried cut-and-paste to no effect). Openoffice solution works, but an embedded photo doesn't get uploaded - see below...


Thanks for the compliment on the blog. And thanks for the heads up on the blogger API. Does that mean that even things like Ecto, Flock or LiveWriter cannot upload photos to a blogger blog? Or is this just a linux client thing?

heathenx said...

Hmm. Well, all I have is a WordPress blog to test with but the OpenOffice weblog plug-in works just fine with images. I just pasted in a local image sitting on my hard drive and it uploaded to WordPress. I can even hyperlink the image in OpenOffice. Perhaps that doesn't work with Blogger though.

Nevertheless, it looks like you have found a solution.

heathenx said...


I was just screwing around with the Firefox add-on called ScribeFire. Have you tried this?

Alec said...

I've had similar luck finding something worthwhile. Have you found anything since you originally posted this?

RichardQuerin said...

Hey Alec,

Thanks for reading.

Actually I've been using the Flock browser both at home (on Ubuntu) and at work (on XP). It's got a nice simple blog editing tool and also integrates nicely with things like Flickr, delicious, YouTube and Photobucket.

The blog editor pops up in a separate window (not in the browser) but in many respects is similar to the ScribeFire plugin for Firefox. I find the Flock blogging tool quite nice and easy to use.

Flock just release version 1.0 so you might want to check it out.

I still haven't found a completely standalone blog editing tool that suits my taste, but there was a post earlier today about it up on You might want to check that out as well.

Let me know if you find any tools worth checking out.

Cheers. RQ

yegle said...

I'll be glad if anyone here can send me a Sun Weblog Publisher oxt file! Many thanks!

yegle said...

Sorry that I fogot to l forgot to leave my email here.



Anonymous said...

Blogging tools and Linux don't seem to work hand in hand. Thingamablog just wants to pump html pages, Bleezer seems VERY crashy and well the gnome blog stuff is either old or very primitive.

There doesn't seem to be a Linux version of Ecto (on mac, the Windows version is reportedly not as good). And that makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

You might want to try this one: