Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Let's Diagram a Digital Photography Workflow!

As noted in my previous post "My Latest Endeavour: Developing a Digital Photography Workflow in Linux", I'm trying to nail down a good digital photography workflow. As it happens, I came across a neat web app called Gliffy which lets you do diagramming (like Visio) inside of your browser. And naturally as web apps often do, it has publish and collaborate features.

Now keep in mind I've used the service for all of 10 minutes (literally!) but I've started to create a simple diagram to describe my digital photography workflow. I'll publish it here largely as an experiment to see what it appears like on my blog, but also I am willing to add collaborators for anyone interested in helping to diagram a digital photography workflow. It represents 10 minutes of work so feel free to improve and expand it.

I work in a largely visual medium (a sea of CAD dwgs to be exact) but I'm a complete newbie to this type of diagramming. So if you want to help develop what could be a nice visual description of a good photographic workflow, I think you might need to email me so I can add you to the collaborators list. Although there might be some easier way for me to hook you up to it. If you're interested, let me know via email or in the comments below. Remember, I've used the service for 10 minutes so to call me a Gliffy newbie would be a severe understatement.

Here's what I've got so far:


My thanks go to Chris Brogan for the shout-out at Interestingly, he's sent me over 400 visitors to the post over the past 2 days, but not one has sent me an email in order to collaborate on the above diagram. I started it really to get a group of people to work on it and shape it. So if you're interested please send me an email (visit my blog profile at the upper right for my email address) and I'll add you to the group so that you can expand on what I've done. I'm sure people have a lot of great ideas that could improve it iUpdate #2:mmensely.

Update #2:

I've just reset my commenting engine back to Blogger (07-07-06). There were a few comments to this post prior to the switch which are valuable to me and to others. You can still read them here. If you want to leave any other comments, please feel free to do so here on this blog.


Anonymous said...

Over from lifehack. Interesting concept but I don't know what to do with it. When I click on your drawing it opens in gliffy, but I don't see any editing tools.

RichardQuerin said...

Hi Ernest, you have to send me a quick email. I provide the email address you give me to Gliffy and it then will send you an invite to collaborate on the document. The email it sends you will contain a link to the document along with a login and password.

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