Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Microsoft should toot its own horn once in a while..

Here's one to ponder. Microsoft's ProPhoto site is quite well done. But it seemed odd to me that they feature ACDSee software on the front page as a suggested product to "Effectively organize and edit" your photos. I mean, they do have a competing product in Microsoft Digital Image Suite. Sure, they're showing the ACDSee Pro version (with more advanced batch features among other things), which may put it in a slightly higher market than MS-DIS. But still it seems odd to see that from Microsoft.

Is it a good move? Maybe some would see it as a marketing blunder. But others might take it as a sign that they are finally selling their operating system and touting the software that gets the most out of it (ACDSee is PC only) be it from Microsoft or from others. Maybe this is something they should do more often. They've got to be willing to sacrifice some of their smaller products to tout superior products that make the most of their operating system.

Sometimes I really think Microsoft could (and should) take a more progressive role in touting their operating system. Get in people's faces and show them the tools (be they in-house, third party, or open source) that make their OS shine in real-world use.

Oh, and one other thing. They should create a ProPhoto weblog to go along with that site. They could showcase a lot of good community stuff there.