Sunday, June 04, 2006

What Really Deserves a Bravo and Amen...

Dave Winer applauds Seth Godin's explanation of why he doesn't have comments on his blog with a "Bravo, Amen.".

Of course if you want your views read and heard without the annoyance of a dissenting opinion then this is what you should do. If however you think your opinions and writing can stand on its own, then what are you worried about. I think not having comments on your blog just annoys a lot of readers who care about the issues and in addition, makes some readers think you are a 'take my ball and go home' kind of spoiled brat.

I would have expected the standard -I'd rather they comment on my posting with their own blog post- reasoning, which actually does make some sense. But to say that you won't allow comments because you'll now be writing "in anticipation of the commenters and not for the whole audience" is just, well... retarded. Decide who your audience is and write for them, it ain't rocket-science.

And as far as it taking 'way too much of your time to even think about them nevermind curate them', I guess it further reinforces the fact that Robert Scoble must be a blogging god. Somehow he manages to post to his blog, manage comments, and even sakes alive, gets into some discussion within those comments too.

Now that deserves a Bravo and Amen.