Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ta-Da List Hacks Anyone?

I tend to try out a lot of demo applications and freeware. And if I stick with one for more than a week I consider it successful. I've stuck with Ta-Da List (from 37Signals) for several months now, so I guess I'd consider it a wild success. I love the simplicity of it - that's what makes it so appealing and so useful to me - but there are a couple of things I wish it did:

1. I can't import or export a simple text file list from my Ta-Da list. This would be a godsend to me because I want to transfer items (or entire lists) to other formats for printing, formatting or other uses. I can copy and paste single items to a text editor but this is tedious when you're looking at 20 or 30 tasks.

2. There doesn't seem to be a way to move or copy items from one Ta-Da list to another Ta-Da list. Currently I use a master list to manage my ongoing tasks. I would love to be able to grab 5 of those 30 tasks and put them in a separate Ta-Da list just for today. I could prioritize them and focus on completing those tasks without being overwhelmed by the other 25 things I haven't done.

Does anybody have any hacks or tips for accomplishing any of the above things? Or can anyone point me to better places to pose these questions?