Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some new ideas for those of Jill's ilk....

Dottie has a few new ideas regarding social activist art projects in her post regarding the Jill Greenspun/Thomas Hawk matter I posted about earlier:

- punch old people - to highlight the helplessness and lonliness of old people in our society

- burn homeless peoples cardboard box shelters - to highlight the division between the rich and the poor

- loot, pillage and rape an entire rural village - to highlight the co-opting of rural communities by commuting urbanites

Sarcasm - now that is a thing of beauty.


dottie (Mark Lennox) said...

Hey Richard,

Just caught your post here (waaay behind the times I know...) thanks for the props!

Just to point out, I'm a HIM not a HER - yeah, nickname, long story...


RichardQuerin said...

Yikes... er.. sorry Mark!