Friday, July 07, 2006

Back to Blogger(tm) comments - hooray!!

Like many Blogger(tm) bloggers, one of the first things I did after starting my blog, was to find a way of getting trackbacks to work. Haloscan was the obvious (and likely only) choice. While it was easy to install, it not only enabled trackback functionality, but saddled you with using their commenting engine at the same time.

Now I normally don't get a lot of comments on my blog (whether that's due to the poor quality of my posts or some other more convenient excuse, I'll let you, dear reader decide that!), but when I do, I like to be notified. And Haloscan wasn't doing that. I also didn't like the pop-up window with the footer text ads - a potential turn-off to would be commenters and not my style. I badly wanted back to Blogger's standard commenting engine, but I didn't necessarily want to give up trackback functionality again.

As is becoming more and more typical, blogs once again came to the rescue. A quick blogsearch on google revealed this post which explained the process quite quickly (despite the infinitely unreadable scrolling text on a static background of that site - hint: cut and paste baby...).

So now I'm back to Blogger comments, along with trackback functionality from Haloscan. Hooray! I'm sorry if lost any comments that people posted. I had to make the switch, and tonight was as right a time as any.


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