Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Dirty Car Art Gallery

Wow. Have you ever seen the Dirty Car Art Gallery. Absolutely amazing. I'm used to seeing what we call the old 'Charlie Weiber'.. which amounts to a simplified version of a portion of the male anatomy usually seen on the back windows of dirty white construction vans. This is a few million notches above that! :)

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Headlight Restoration said...

Dirty car art. That's a new one on me. Hmmm, we've got half burried Cadillacs, limo wagons, what's next?


Headlight Restoration

San Fransisco Used Cars said...

That guy is incredible!.

I would hate to see all my hard work get washed away the next time it rains.

Good excuse to tell the wife when she wants you to wash the car. "Sorry Dear it would ruin my art."

Kool April NItes said...

The guy does some awesome work, it's a shame to have it get ruined in the rain.

Wonder how good his work is on canvas. Probably wouldn't be the same though.