Thursday, October 04, 2007

You guys must be deef...

Popular blogger complains about attention-seeking bloggers gaming a system that is developed to funnel even more attention to yet other attention-seeking bloggers. Another allegedly attention-seeking blogger complains that by complaining, the popular blogger is himself seeking attention and gaming the system.

Phew!! Where the hell is a kickass Kent Newsome rant when you need it???

I already said it was missing the point. I say we send them all to the back of the class for not paying attention.


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earl said...

Yelp, these guys viewpoints have gotten migthy narrow because their whole world only revolves around themselves these days.

I think the lot of them no longer have anything interesting to say, that's why they seem to be rehashing the same-old-same-old, over and over.

There's a whole world of new and fresh viewpoints out there in the blogosphere that actually mean something...but don't tell them that! ;-)

(stepping down from my soap box...)

RichardQuerin said...

Hey Earl,

They honestly sound like a bunch of spoiled brats. The very last thing any of them needs right now is another way to pat themselves on the back. ;)