Monday, November 12, 2007

Damn You Stumbleupon!!!

I just inadvertently spammed 270 of my contacts. And I'm PISSED about it.

Sincerest apologies if you received a Stumbleupon invite/reference from me.

I like Stumbleupon. I think it's fun. But when I saw the 'see your friends reviews', atop my Greader page, I thought it might be interesting.

So I get there and sign on, but the layout there is tricky (to me anyway). It lists your Gmail contacts that are already on Stumbleupon (there were 5 of them) and has a nice shiny button to connect them up and thereby see what it is they're recommending. Good stuff....

But wait! There are all your other Gmail contacts (270 of them) lower down on the page and THEY ARE ALL SELECTED BY DEFAULT. It will then email them all a Stumbleupon invite!

FUCK!! (profanity is fully and completely allowed in this specific post btw).

My bad for not reading and comprehending well enough, but crap StumbleUpon.. you should make it more clear before potentially spamming hundreds of people I consider friends or at least acquaintances.

Again - My apologies to all of you.. I'm thinking of sending out a mass apology. I don't know if I'm over-reacting, but damn I feel slimy right now.

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heathenx said...

Boy...and here I thought my best friend in the whole world was inviting me...little 'ole me to participate in a very private and exclusive thing, like sharing one's StumbleUpon's bookmarks. But nooo...apparently it was a mistake. I was never supposed to be notified. It was spam. Nice! Real...flippin'...nice!!! I have feelings too, ya know. I hurt like others hurt. I just don't know if I can forgive... (queue sad music and credits)

RichardQuerin said...

I knew I could trust you to raise my spirits with one of your Stuart Smalley-esque joy-filled comments.

Dammit.. I like me...

Ya bastard! [sniff]