Thursday, November 29, 2007

F-Spot - new version aggravation

Typically I've always used F-Spot to transfer the photos from my DSLR to my hard drive. I like the way it arranges my photos: /home/user/photos/yyyy/mm/dd.

However, I don't use F-Spot for managing my photos. There are various reasons for that and I'm pursuing the use of IPTC data for tagging the photos directly (and not using a separate database) — but that's for another post.

So up until this last upgrade (to Gutsy), F-Spot has always imported my photos and had a checkbox that let me import them WITHOUT adding them to it's managed photo library. However since upgrading I think the new version of F-Spot has done away with this checkbox, and so I am unable to stop it from moving any imported files directly into it's library. Thats NO GOOD. I checked the options menu but couldn't spot any way to turn off this feature.

Please someone tell me I'm wrong. How can I copy photos from my camera using F-Spot without importing them into an F-Spot library?

I'm open to suggestions for other apps. I have used gThumb, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to auto-create the subdirectories in the same way and format as F-Spot did.

Let's hear some suggestions!

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heathenx said...

F-Spot makes sense since you are using Gnome/OpenBox. Since I am on the KDE side of things I prefer DigiKam over F-Spot. Its plugins are what I like the best. Unfortunately, I do not use it with my camera. I'm a "take the card out, plug it into my media reader, and transfer" type of guy. So I am not quite sure if DigiKam is what you are after. You can always apt-get it and see if it does what you want though.

Simón A. Ruiz said...

Neat, how's the RAW (particularly CR2) support in j-Brout??? I shoot EVERYTHING in RAW

RichardQuerin said...

@heathenx - I'm going to give F-spot a try just to see how it imports photos - into what kind of directory structure and if it's configurable. I have nothing against using Digikam if it does what I need.

@simon - A lot of what I shoot is in RAW too. Unfortunately jBrout doesn't import RAW files (I'm not sure they have IPTC data fields anyway). I've played with jBrout only briefly and it does work, but the tagging method seems to be pretty klunky compared to F-Spot or Flickr. I wish there was a file system that used some sort of open metadata on all types of files. Just having a searchable open tag field built into every file would be a godsend.

Omar said...

Well,if F-Spot won't cut it for you, and for those who use RAW, I would recommend Bibble Pro from
It gives you possibility to do edit IPTC data in batch, make batch edits, applying settings to multiple pictures, and also customize work flows. It is not free, but I think it is work the investment, since you can do everything in one pleace. Import, manage, develop, edit etc. And if you get the pro, you can use it on the three platforms if you want. And RAW processing is pretty fast, check it out, downloading the trial version sure convinced me.