Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Earl's got some skillz!

Turns out Earl Moore has some serious skillz when it comes to woodworking. He built a very nice looking dining room table extension. And the part I like best is that he's got three legs on it which keeps the people using that end of the table from bashing their knees. Now that's a nice solution, elegant and effective.

So tell me Earl, how many links do you want before you come and fix the wavy, gappy monstrosity in my daughter's bedroom that I creatively call crown molding?

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earl said...

Richard, Thanks for the kind words and the link.

I've never tried crown molding so I may well have a matching set to yours here after I'm done.

However, all my work is closely supervised by "the boss"...so it'll have to pass her inspection or I'll be doing it over! ;-)