Friday, March 02, 2007

"100+" Another Thing I like About Google Reader

I have really fallen behind in my blog reading over the past few weeks. Being so far behind has made the Firefox tab title "Google Reader (100+)" an all too common sight in my browser.

I have to thank Google's engineers for sparing me the sight of '253', or '576' or heaven forbid '1152' unread items. Instead it just says '100+'. Kind of like "Hey man, you're getting behind here, but we won't rub your nose in it".

I appreciate that because whether it's 100+ or 1000+, you can bet dollars to donuts that I will be leaving a pile of unread but discarded blog posts in my wake.

Maybe they should take a page from Flickr, and instead of capping it at "100+", they could change the tab to read "A Lot", "Too Many", or "Fuhgeddaboutit".