Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Speaking of Logo Design

The Open Font Library logo contest closes tonight. I've made a dozen entries (although a few are just reworks and revisions of others). There's 5 days of judging and then a decision. It was fun coming up with ideas and I learned a good chunk more about Inkscape along the way which is good.

In a related note, in one of my Technorati search feeds, a link to a site called came up. Man, if you're looking for inspiration and interested in seeing oodles of high quality creative logo work, check it out. I was blown away and completely humbled at the same time. There are *very* few logos on that site that I didn't find appealing. It's amazing how much good colour and design work can influence the quality of a logo. All my contest entries look like absolute $#*% to me now. ;)

One of my favourites (and one of the simplest) is this one for Tidy Tom's Cleaning Company. Awesome.


David Airey said...

I agree.

LogoPond is a nice resource for inspiration. As with any site that lets users upload there own artwork I do think there are some poor examples.

Some great ones too though.

RichardQuerin said...


Thanks for your comment. I checked out your site and blog. Good stuff. I am subscribed. :)

Nichole said...

Nice Post! Yesterday I have passed through a blog having a post on "56 Most Creative Logos". I think you find it really useful. Here's yhe url...

RichardQuerin said...

Thanks for the link Nicole. Some really good ideas there.