Friday, March 09, 2007

The Upside of Further Template Meddling

Back in November, moments after switching to the new Blogger, I espoused the greatness of having categories or 'labels' at my disposal:

"...But I'll be keeping it simple with pretty standard tags like 'photography', 'linux', 'family', etc... Keep an eye out for those labels..."

So now, having switched to a new style Blogger template, I now have a neato list of labels over on the right sidebar. Keeping it simple? Huh? I've got over a hundred different labels created over the past 90 or so posts. This is a terrible example of 'keeping it simple'. But at least it's sorted by frequency so you can easily get a glimpse of what I write about most.

Besides, I knew going into this that I'd likely be all over the place with my posting, and you can't cover 'all over the place' with 10 different labels now can ya.

Other nice tidbits so far:

While messing around with my template's html, I decided to widen the main body of the blog. I always found this limiting but never bothered to change it. I can now post larger pictures on my posts. Limiting them to 400px wide always bugged me.

There's a cool outliner style archive of blog posts on the right (Dave Winer would be proud) that also lists quantities, so I (and you) can easily see how much I've posted in each month and in the course of a year. Maybe not terribly useful, but neat for me just the same.

I'll be updating the blogroll as well. If there's one thing I never bothered to keep up with, it's updating my blogroll. I think I'll be revising that to better reflect who it is I'm following.