Monday, April 23, 2007

Become a 'new media titan' for only 7 bucks a month

Maybe I'm just tired. But after thumbing through 48 odd online pages of Blogger & Podcaster magazine, I feel intensely bored.

The web - in the raw, all by itself - is chock full of content (entertaining or otherwise), opinion, knowledge, and opportunities. But hearing from the same dozen people about what they do, and reading about how to profit from it all just doesn't hit any of my buttons - no matter how slickly presented (my heartfelt wishes to anyone venturing to that magazine with dialup connectivity).

If you had any lingering thoughts about 'A-List' bloggers, podcasting pioneers, web 2.0 empire builders or the whole circle-jerkyness of it all, look no further than B&P.

Oops, I just noticed the magazine's tagline: 'For Aspiring New Media Titans'. I'm clearly in the wrong room... Carry on.



earl said...


I don't get it either.

What pushes me over the edge is the virtual magazine design. Kind of cute at first but then it started to irritate me.

It's a shame that as a virtual magazine I can't take it to the "out house" and make some real use out of it! ;-)