Thursday, April 19, 2007

Doc spells out the next challenge for Linux

Leave it to the inimitable Doc Searls to frame the bigger picture when it comes to Vista, OS-X and Linux. His recent Linux Journal article is definitely a worthy read, offering up the possibility that we're reaching for the wrong prize entirely. Here's a couple of snippets:

A few weeks ago I was talking with folks who worked inside one of the large hardware OEMs. Somewhere in there they told me about their "Linux strategy". I told them they needed a "Linux strategy" about as much as a construction company needs a "lumber strategy".

If you're going to have a Linux strategy, make that strategy about getting past an OS-bound view of the world. Because the big difference between Linux and Windows is that you can build anything you want with Linux. With Windows you can only build what Microsoft lets you build.

And it doesn't end there:

The Linux community also has to get past the belief that Linux is mostly an alternative to other OSes. The Windows vs. Mac choice is between two silos that both do their best to lock customers in and maximize the dependencies of developers on proprietary platform SDKs and the like. Linux is not an alternative to any platform. It is an alterative to platforms themselves. It is the path to an open marketplace, not just another silo.

An article full of smart, thought-provoking ideas, and not aimed at the typical Linux zealot either. Give it a read right here.


Will said...

There are lots of challenges for Linux ahead and one of the funner ones is winning auto races.

Have you seen the Linux race car?? They are looking for a logo.

RichardQuerin said...

Yeah, I heard about this a few days ago. I may just cobble together an entry or two. :)

I'm a big open wheel fan (F1 and ChampCar mostly) but I've got nothing against getting Linux on an Indy500 entry. It would be great to see.