Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why do you use Linux? (aka Wufoo testing)

I was listening to one of Leo Laporte's recent TechGuy podcasts and they were discussing a site called Wufoo, which let's you build forms online and put them on your blog (or in other places). They give you 3 forms with the free registration (there are pay versions), so I thought up a quick poll to test it out.

There's a wide variety of controls and fields you can choose from and the layout is very much point and click in it's simplicity. In about 3 minutes I threw together this straw poll about the biggest reason you use Linux (if you use Linux). If you don't, pretend you do, and give it a shot anyway. ;)

I can monitor the results and generate reports over at the wufoo site. So if visitors to the blog start filling it out, I'll report back how the results are shaping up.

Powered by Wufoo


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, you clearly missed "'cause I can fix it" in your poll :-)