Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Inkscape Screencast 9 - Glass Button Redux

My 9th Inkscape screencast is up. This one shows a simple way to achieve a pretty convincing high-gloss candy look to various shapes.

This one was created in record time for me too. From the moment I fired up ffmpeg to start recording, through the intro recording, sound and music mixing, until starting the upload to YouTube took about 90 minutes. I didn't take a lot of time creating the intro for this one (and it shows), but overall it's still decent I think. Hopefully you like it.

I haven't had a lot of time to spend using Inkscape lately, simply because I'm currently buried at work (which has absolutely nothing to do with Inkscape or graphics at all ;-< ). But I did read on the mailing list somewhere that the most recent builds incorporate gradient editing right on the object (not in a separate dialog). That feature would have been useful for this screencast, but no sense in demonstrating a feature that few people can use right now. Here's the link to my other screencasts up on YouTube. You should also check out my friend heathenx's screencasts. I've learned quite a few good tips from him too.


tooto said...

You don't need to convert to path that many times, in fact you only need to do it between the two dynamic offset appearances - when you do intersection, the result is always a path.

apart form that, neat trick.

earl said...

I can't play this screencast from your blog. It's like there's no link. You click it and nothing happens.

RichardQuerin said...

@tooto - Thanks for the tip. You're absolutely correct about not having to convert to path so many times. Thats what's so great about useful comments, I learn from them too. :)

@earl - I'm not sure why you can't view it on the blog - works fine for me. But I've updated the post to link directly to the video on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

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