Thursday, September 21, 2006

Great post on humility...

One of the personal traits that I value most is humility. It doesn't always make for high traffic-generating blogposts (or efficient corporate ladder climbing) but it's still something I genuinely cherish. For example, it's much more efficient to be brazen about your views and absolutely unconvinced that anyone else could possibly be right. That type of thing may not win you any friends but it might garner you more page views. There is a great post about humility by Rosa Say over on You should definitely check it out. Here's a snippet:

We can be confident, and we can be self-assured; humility does not call for us to be meek, or consider ourselves lower in stature. We do not require less of ourselves, and we take our role and our responsibilities seriously. However what humility does, is create a sort of receptacle of acceptance in us, so we are open to being filled with the knowledge and opinions of others. Humility is a kind of hunger for more abundance. The greater our humility, the greater our fascination with the world around us, and the more we learn.



Rosa Say said...

Thank you for the mention and for your commentary Richard. I like how you connected the thought to our blogging.

You make it very easy to enjoy your blog: I really appreciate your having that first sidebar link to "Jump to the front page."