Thursday, September 21, 2006

Personal Integrity...hello?

Just reading about the so-called 'outing' of an anonymous blogger known for his personal attacks and cheap shots. I have never read him, but after checking out his blog I realize I likely wouldn't want to anyway - even if I did agree with his views. In any case, it quickly brought a simple thought to the fore:

In the blogosphere, anonymity - falsely achieved or not - serves a useful purpose for select parties (bloggers fearing political persecution and parent bloggers protecting their children's identity, come to mind). But using anonymity to free oneself of the burden of personal integrity is just plain stupid.

How can you stand behind what you write if you're not willing to errr... stand behind it.


How long will it take for people to realize (especially in this era of networking) that 'what comes around ultimately goes around'? Chances are already good and ever-increasing, that what you write can turn around and bite you in the ass.