Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Build 'em up and Knock 'em down

One sure sign that you're successful is when people are eager to start tearing you down. Witness the comments on this digg thread about some unpatched, unsecured, locally hosted - but Canonical sponsored servers that were taken off line today.  While I'm not a sysadmin, I would think that *any* operating system that is unsecured and unpatched is an incident waiting to happen.

But it's a testament to the popularity that so many people are so eager to see Ubuntu fail in any way possible. While not unexpected from Windows and Mac fanboys, it's disappointing when you see it coming from other linux users. A rising tide floats all boats does it not?


Ian said...

Old version of Ubuntu MINUS security updates PLUS unpatched 3rd party software PLUS passwords being transfered in plain text (FTP) EQUALS Bad OS? I love the lack of logic that many people use. Personally, I wouldn't use Ubuntu for a server (I think some other Linux varieties cater more to that need), but it's a very good operating system. It can be quite secure when properly run by a good admin.