Friday, August 17, 2007

One thing that Windows does better than Gnome... Heresy??

Here's my heretical post for the week:

There is one bit of functionality that I use and value while working in Windows that I miss when I'm using Gnome:

In XP, the standard File->Open or File->Save dialog box opens and I can rename, delete, copy or paste files that appear in the dialog. So for instance, if I'm saving a file and I want to rename one of the other files in that folder before I do the save, I can do it with a simple right-click to bring up the context menu.

As far as I'm aware, the standard GTK file open dialog doesn't let me do this. Of course I'm very very good at being wrong, so please let me know if I am.

Do the standard KDE open/save dialogs provide this functionality?

And is there any way to achieve similar functionality in Gnome or KDE if indeed it's not there?


heathenx said...

look...just stop using linux. you're never going to get the hang of it.

btw, yes you can do this in kde. you do not get a rename feature but you get a properties feature where you can select your originating file and rename it before you save your second file. ;)

KP said...

The only difference is that if it was the other way around you'd have no chance at all getting that function implemented. Now you can write a nice, straightforward E-mail and send it to the GTK mailing list. Who knows, perhaps they'll change it sooner than you think?


RichardQuerin said...


I'm stepping away from the machine... slowly.. ;) I've been confused ever since I moved up from my Vic20. ;) Now quit loitering on my weblog and get back to watching youtube videos or whatever it is you do when you're supposed to be working!


You are right about having a chance at getting it implemented. Really this post was just a question as to whether or not I was correct in saying the feature was missing from Gnome. I will do some searching for similar discussion threads and if I don't find out anything there (or here) I will indeed send an email. Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is possible (at least partly) in KDE. You can rename via properties. You can delete files. But you can't move files around.