Thursday, August 30, 2007

How to dismantle a castle - brick by brick

Yesterday Earl Moore writes that he's ditching MS-Office for the Mac in favour of Neo-Office (a GPL'd Mac-tuned version of OpenOffice), then today it's announced that HP will join Dell and Lenovo in selling desktop PC's running pre-installed Linux.

I know that I don't run in the 'Redmond is great' circles, but there does seem to be a relative dearth of positivity coming via Redmond these days. Vista has no killer app or edge, Apple is going great guns, Linux is slowly eating into the mainstream and "non-proprietary", "open-ness" and "freedom" seem to be the popular themes in the tech world lately.

Perhaps the castle *is* coming down - even if it is a brick at a time.


Biby Cletus said...

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earl said...

Richard, thanks for the mention.

I would like to see the Microsoft castle come down, hopefully without knocking us all on the noggin. :-)

Chess Griffin said...

I do believe the end of Microsoft's dominance is inevitable. They won't disappear, but balance will be restored in the Force. :-)