Friday, May 18, 2007

Here We (lo)Go Again!

Here's another logo contest for those interested in exercising their creative muscles and learning Inkscape at the same time. This one sounds especially interesting and fun too:

From :

Debian Jr. is a Custom Debian Distribution (CDD) project.
Their goal is to make Debian an OS that children of all ages will want to use. Their initial focus will be on producing something for children up to age 8. Once they have accomplished this, their next target age range is 7 to 12. By the time children reach their teens, they should be comfortable with using Debian without any special modifications.

The Debian Jr. needs a logo and all designers are welcome!

Check out the contest's About Page for all rules and deadline (July 16th).

Update: If you want to incorporate the standard Debian 'swirl' in some way, I found a scalable SVG version of it on the site right here.