Friday, May 04, 2007

Steven's Old School Linux experiment begins...

Steven Rosenberg is truly going old school.

He's starting an experiment where he's going to the command line for a month. No Gnome, no KDE, no XFCE, nada, zip, zero. Here is his Day 1 Post.

I look forward to seeing how he makes out.

Under Feisty, I do a fair amount of things at the command line (or more accurately the pseudo-command line - I'm talking about  terminal window within Gnome). I still love and use MOC for playing music, I do a lot of my file management from the command line, Vim is my editor of choice most of the time, and ImageMagick has proved useful and efficient at times - if only I bothered creating a list of the various tools.

Good luck Steven - hopefully you post some progress reports.