Sunday, May 13, 2007

Photos + Music = Much more

One thing I lament is the lack of an equivalent to MS-Photostory for linux. The awesome effect music can have on a series of photos has always amazed me and Photostory is a simple way of achieving that. (Photoshop Elements (and likely iPhoto) can do the same sorts of things).

If you've ever wondered how much music can influence imagery, check out this wonderful (but of course flash-heavy) site that I found via digg.

A couple of years ago I made a nice slideshow using the 'Ken Burns' pan and zoom effect and a series of pictures of my wife and our daughter from the first 4 years of her life. I had a lot of pictures to choose from after all.. ;) With the beautiful song 'Promise' by Tracy Chapman as the audio backdrop, it still elicits tears from family (including myself, and I was the one who made it!).

So put your headphones on and check out that site. Once you're clicking through the photos, turn the music off (speaker icon at upper right) and try and tell me it doesn't make a huge difference.

Come to mention it, wouldn't it be nice for Flickr to offer a similar service? Maybe they could build a library of creativecommons music to build an online flash generated slideshow with music. Or maybe someone else already offers this? It would be a great way to build this stuff and promote cc music at the same time.