Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Linux Goodness 1

Moving to Linux as my OS at home has brought with it many challenges and discoveries. Every once in a while I think I'll try to share interesting things I've found on my journey for anybody going down a similar road: - Simply a Google search page aimed at Linux. It does a decent job of cutting down my searching when it involves something linux-ey. - I'm not sure what happened to this site! The last time I checked (a couple of days ago) this was a great source for plain-english tutorials on Linux (the tutorials on the command line were fantastic). But now I see the link brings up a spammy site pushing pay products (unrelated to linux). Grrrrr. Anybody know where it's gone??!! - A great music player for Gnome. It has very similar functionality to Amarok including a music library with features such as lyric-fetching, wikipedia info and cover-art fetching along with the usual playlist and music library features. I'm surprised I don't hear mention of this app very much. It works great for me. Very slick interface as well.

Lottalinuxlinks podcast - Dave Yates creates this podcast that provides a great source for Linux-related information, especially for someone in 'exploratory mode' like me. He's got a wonderful South Carolina drawl that makes it even more listenable to me. You won't get super-polished sound quality, but the content and delivery is right up my alley. He covers a ton of practical issues with running Linux and provides his opinion on a wide variety of topics like software reviews, linux install tips, and a whole host of other great stuff.

emelfm2 - A GTK2 two-pane file manager for Linux. This is exactly what I have been looking for. It has a very nice interface that is also very efficient for file management and completely customizable. I heard about this one on Dave Yates' Lottalinuxlinkspodcast. He sang its praises on his very first podcast and I immediately downloaded it to give it a try. I love it. It's much more to my liking than Nautilus. That's for sure.

The Compiz page at - This has to be the best page I've seen that outlines the functionality of Compiz. It gives all the keyboard shortcuts and good to-the-point descriptions of all the plugins. It's not my distro (I'm running Ubuntu Dapper) but it's very valuable to me nonetheless.

I'm trying to keep track of all the things I come across that might be of interest to others exploring Linux. Hopefully this will be the first post of many in this vein.