Monday, August 28, 2006

Positive Filter Engaged

The only thing easier than not linking to opposing opinion or thought is not posting about it at all - so Dave Winer has not taken the absolute easiest route, just the second easiest. He cites that there are several recent blogposts asking the question 'why post from a Blackberry?', and proceeds to link to zero of them. It's not quite 'links are dead' but only 'opposing links are dead' (not sure if SG would be happy on this one or not).

The reason it caught my eye was that Kent Newsome recently posted about that. In fact, doing a quicky Google Blog Search put a ZDNet blog post discussing (and linking to) Kent's post on top of all other results when searching on the string "why would you want to post from a Blackberry".

No great soapbox speech here (I'm not strong on the issue since I don't use my PDA for surfting- and to be honest don't really care too much about it either way at the moment). It just made me shake my head. Keep on truckin' Kent.

-link to Dave's post not provided for immature but obvious reasons ;)