Friday, August 04, 2006

Who do you write for?

Kent Newsome has some really lucid opinions on the blogosphere and the misconception of it's importance and penetration. He also challenges people to write a paragraph answering the question: "Why do you write a blog and who do you write for?". Here you go sir:

I am surrounded by people who, for the most part, don't share my interests, so I write to express my otherwised buried thoughts on those subjects I care about. I write to challenge myself - can I focus and hone this swirling cloud of ideas into a cohesive set of statements? I also sometimes write to educate people, or at least contribute to an education on things, to broaden people's horizons. I take information from the net ALL the time, I feel it's right to contribute something as well. And finally, I write to explore and develop my own creativity. My profession - structural engineering - doesn't lend itself to this type of creativity (it has its own, completely different form of creativity). So if I look at those reasons, and their associated targets, I'd say I write mostly for my own selfish purposes, with a dash of 'helpfulness to others' thrown in as well. I would think it only logical that the people reading my blog on any kind of regular basis share some of my interests, but I don't think I target them in my writing. This is mostly a cathartic activity for me.

Curiously enough, I tend to google definitions all the time - I hate using a word or term incorrectly - it's so unelegant, and when I checked on "cathartic", wouldn't you know, the first ten definitions dealt with relieving constipation.. Hmmm...