Thursday, August 24, 2006

The not-so-good ole' days in Canada/US relations

I was never big into history when I was in school. I was busy playing videogames, doing a little Vic20 BASIC programming, and sticking to my maths and sciences I guess. But Matt Dattilo's Today in History podcast has been one of my favourite listens during my commute. Today's episode was especially interesting. It dealt with the burning of Washington DC by the Canadians British back during the War of 1812. Strange to hear about war maneuvers between us and our friends to the south. Matt gives it a very even-handed treatment (as usual) and even interjects with his view on the patent office (not usual for Matt) which made me chuckle.
Give it a listen if you dismissed history as 'boring' during school.

By the way, Matt also typically gives a pretty accurate full text transcript of each episode as his blog post. I subscribe to his mp3 feed only, but if reading's more your thing than listening, still check it out.