Monday, August 21, 2006

Of Blogs and Blowhards

Jeff Sandquist takes issue with Robert Scoble's recent statement:

"Mike Torres of the Live Spaces team just said that more than half of all Live Spaces are private. Um, Mike, you DO realize that private Web spaces are NOT blogs, right?"

Backtracking to Robert's original post I have to say it reads like a list of rigid demands. If you don't meet the demands you can't call what you do a blog. (To be honest, I actually wish there was another name... 'blog' is such an ugly word now isn't it? But I digress..).

I really don't agree with Robert's definition of a weblog. Or anybody's really. It just seems so petty to be pidgeonholing something so free and so new. And to be honest, who really cares? If someone's got a static page that they update daily by hand, why should I care if they call it a blog or not?

But Jeff's response garnered this statement from Scoble to Jeff:

"And, OK, I’ll grant you that my ego is out of control. Blogging is something I’m a weeeeee bit of an expert on. Do you listen to anonymous jerks who come in your office and try to tell you what a good community is or what good software looks like? So, why do you quote such when trying to argue against me? "

First of all, when somebody writes that they're a 'weeeee bit of an expert' on something. It sends Richard's respect-o-meter into a nosedive. One thing Robert seems NOT to be an expert on lately is humility. And who exactly are the 'anonymous jerks' he claims Jeff is quoting? The commenters on Robert's own post? I'm still trying to sit down and figure this one out. But somehow leaving Microsoft has freed Scoble from his shell of humility and friendliness only to reveal an egostistical blowhard. I hope I'm wrong.

[UPDATE:] A quick visit to Scoble's, reveals that he has since rescinded his statements. Not so sure about the honesty of this one. One of those times you should have got a coffee and then re-read your post before hitting 'publish' I guess.