Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A couple of GVim tips

Two quick GVim text editor tips:

To save your font settings between sessions:

1. Start GVim.
2. Set your font using (Edit->Select font...) from the menu.
3. Then type: ":mkvimrc!" from command mode. This saves your font settings.

To configure GVim to launch with your favourite colour scheme:

1. Start GVim.
2. Then type: ":e .gvimrc" to open your configuration file.
3. Add the line "color blue" to the bottom of the file. (note: replace 'blue' with the theme name you'd like to set as default)
4. Close and restart GVim to bask in your success. ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, the color scheme works just fine.

However, the font setting is saved into .vimrc file.

In order to keep my vim settings, I manually typed the guifont line into the .gvimrc file.