Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shock to the system...

Yearning for a change in my desktop theme on my work machine (an XP Pro box), I did a quick search for XP theming sites. I haven't changed the look of my XP box in quite some time and after having been Linuxified (tm) at home for several months now, it was a real eye opener. Two things became immediately apparent: there are a helluva lot of ugly XP themes out there and the theming sites that are out there (at least the ones I tried) are extremely annoying and gawdy.

Now, Linux is no stranger to ugly desktop themes. It has its own fair share. But when you're used to browsing open-source and free software sites for so long, going back to windows targeted sites is a bit of a shocker. Compare the two screenshots below to see what I mean. Lots of open-source project sites might be unpolished and plain, but I'll take that over flashing banner ads and blinking lights every time. And one other thing. That frickin' smiley faced thumbnail at the top left of the windows one, is in the top left on every single page of thumbnail results you page through. They must have paid more for that privilege. If you'd even call it a privilege.

Incidentally, I ended up sticking with my Clearlooks - Gnome-based theme for my workstation. Surprise surprise.