Friday, October 20, 2006

My Travel Gadget List

Brad Kellett asks "what gadgets do you take with you when you go on a trip?". I think he'll be disappointed with my response.

Brad, I am a simple man. I don't do a heck of a lot of work related travel. I actually do a fair amount of travel for work, but almost all of it is local - sigh- :( So my list of 'gadgets' is based on a typical pleasure trip and likely not what you were looking for. But you asked for it.. ;)

-Cell Phone (A 3 year old Audiovox CDM8300)
-Palm Zire72 PDA (now rarely used-see next item)
-Blueline NotePro (9.5"x7.5") Hardcover Notebook
-Various Pens (Assorted Pilot G-2 Mini's being my current favourites)
-Insignia Portable DVD Player (7.5" LCD) - you can never get enough Fairytopia
-Swiss Army Knife (a mini one)
-PNY 1GB USB key (you never know!)
-My Daughter's Tablet PC - actually it's a Magnadoodle (the handwriting recognition is absolutely killer)
-Braun-Oral B rechargeable toothbrush
-Various sundries to keep me smellin' nice for the ladies... ;)

There you have it. An atypical gadget list (atypical for the blogosphere anyway).


Brad Kellet said...

Actually Richard, that's exactly what I'm after! I'm a very tech-orientated person, but I'm also interested in what more 'normal' people take with them as well. That's a great list, thanks.

P.S. I think the trackback problem may have been something to do with the caching on my blog, it should hopefully be fixed now.

wailea said...

The portable DVD player is key, as is the Swiss Army knife. All it takes is one loose screw, or the need to cut something, and you'll never go without the Swiss Army knife (I know from experience!).

Good list.