Monday, October 02, 2006

Two things I'm Liking...

Our four and a half year old daughter has been at school almost a month now. She's loving it. There are two things I'm liking about it at the moment:

1. Amongst the math, reading and French lessons, she also gets 'practical life' lessons - things like cleaning up messes, food prep, threading nuts and bolts, using screwdrivers. It may sound dumb, but those things are important. Of course this is coming from someone who was taught how to work the washer and dryer at about age 7. Self-sufficiency is a good thing.

2. One of the side benefits is that she comes home humming or singing a new song every couple of days. One of the first, and my favourite so far has been "I can see clearly now, the rain has gone....I can see all obstacles in my way..." the 1972 Johnny Nash hit. As any good annoying parent worth his salt would do, I've made her sing it for me ad nauseum and after each rendition, rained down smooches upon her! (Turns out her music teacher plays clarinet and sax with Jeff Healey's Jazz Band... nice.)